Anders M. Nielsen

Senior Partner (CEO)
Management Consultant

People, technology and valuable partnerships

Who we are and what we believe

We are people, working with people – passionate about solving valuable business problems.


We add capacity to create Digital Business Development with the capacity of Enterprise Automation.


We believe in partnerships between ambitious organizations and talented people is the key to create successful change.


Our culture I based on the values of credibility, respect and commitment.

Partnership though the agile delivery model

At ECG, we believe in genuine partnerships. As a trusted partner we build our partnerships through a so-called agile delivery model, where the customer – external as well as internal – and ECG together manage the projects.

In the agile delivery model, mutual objectives for projects are formalized based on principles of equal distribution of risks and responsibilities during the process.


In agile delivery models, there is also an agreement on full transparency though frameworks, costs and terms, which may even change along the way. More than anything else, the model promotes culture with more trust and mutual commitment – that is, a real partnership.